Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Freaking Potter

Dear friends, I realize many of you may not share all my values, and I'm okay with that. But here is what I've picked up from the Harry Potter series, as it relates to my relationship with Christ.

Harry Potter is a wonderful example of needing a power greater than ourselves. Of course, this power is not described as a god, but it is a power that is in every wizard. Before Hogwarts, Harry could do some stuff, but it wasn't til he accepted he was a wizard that he could start to grow and be trained by teachers and mentors who have been doing this lifestyle for years. Voldemort's purpose is to lie, steal, and kill. He is Satan embodied. Harry can't do this life alone. He needs his community. They all can partner with this wizard power they discovered was in the mirror all along to battle Voldemort. Harry embodies a christian, with innate abilities but is dependent on this greater power to be effective.

Of course every metaphor has its faults. Don't get me started on the self-sacrifice as an ultimate form of love, though. The book has squibs who are people born to wizard families that can't do magic. Is that kids who grow up in a Christian household and just are destined not to be Christians in this life? I don't know. It's a rough metaphor, as I have said. There are also muggles, people of non-wizarding families, who some of which turn into wizards. My friend, Tyler, pointed out to me that Christians are almost all behind Lord of the Rings, even though Gandolf is a wizard. I guess they just skip over that part of the story and jump to witchcraft being an abomination only in Harry Freaking Potter.

I believe our God is big enough to speak to his people through many mediums. Watch out, now! Do I mean medium as in a person who can communicate with the dead? You decide... ;)

Love y'all! I hope you enjoyed my musings.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 42: Proud Mary

Yes, I work on a riverboat. That's all I need to say. You will enjoy the lagging puppetwork and cheesy midi file. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 41: You Shook Me All Night Long

I hope you are all impressed by my recent endeavor. The puppets have made a triumphant debut, if I do say so myself

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 40: Taking My Sweet Donkey Time

You may have heard the rumors. I DID, in fact, just get three new (to me) puppets. This is perfect. I've compiled my recording of a song that needed more than an actor. These puppets are my savior in this instance. You will see soon...and by "soon," I mean "whenever I dang well feel like it."

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 39: What is your favorite Broadway musical and why? Also, video of yourself singing your fav song from that musical.

Thanks to my friend, Michelle, for suggesting this great idea for my blog post. My favorite musical of all time would have to be Chicago. It's about this young woman who desires to be a famous vaudevillian. She ends up committing crimes which rocket her to the top. I love the jazzy razzle dazzle music of the whole musical. I'm pretty sure I have most of the songs memorized, or at least I'm able to sing along with them in the car. One reason I like it is because a potential nobody meteorically rises to fame, has her struggles, and then partners with a buddy to stay on top of the world until the show ends. 

My favorite song from hard to nail down. I love almost every song. I started to make a list here, but I was copying and pasting every song title, so that's foolish. After much time and wait, I figured out which was my favorite. I recorded myself singing to a modified MIDI file I downloaded of the music. And I filmed myself. Now, you tell ME who is the weakest link. Goodbye. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 38: What if...

What if I had time to do the awesome post that Michelle suggested? I'd have it done by now. But since recording myself singing my favorite musical number as well as doing a little dance is taking too long, I'll keep working on it in the background of the regular blog.

I am applying to be a shift supervisor at my job. I have an interview today. Hopefully it goes well. If I don't get it, I'll be okay.

What should I do tomorrow?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 37: What will you name your kids someday?

I like names. I like naming things. That's why I play The Sims and make my sims have tons of children or pets. I let them all know how important they are by their name. Gahrbauge Trash is just a lowly dumpster diver, but Mortimer James is a monocle wearing fancy pant.

When it comes to my potential children, this is still not too far off. Feel free to mock the names I choose because y'all know I mock what other people name their kids, especially "James." I don't mind "Jim," but "James" is just a plural form of nonsense. I apologize if I have offended those of you who love or have the name James, Ha-mace in Spanish.

Since we all know I would prefer to have sons, let's start with girl names. That way, if I do have a daughter, she'll feel important and like a princess frog. Here are some girl names I would name my kids, in some or no particular order:

  1. Virginia - Both of my grandmas are Virginias, and I think it is a cute name that is coming back in style.
  2. Jubilee - I like this name for a girl because it will be a day of rejoicing and festivities when I have a child. Satan tried to rob me of such joy, and God will be like, "I don't think so, fool."
  3. Lola - This name I've always thought was cute because it was the name of my great-aunt who lived on a chicken farm.
Boys names are much easier for me to come up with. The hard part will be for me to narrow down my list to three or five, not four. 
  1. Ernie - As of late, I've come to realize how much my family means to me and that I'd like to pass on names from it. My grandpa Ernie has always been one of the sweetest, most loyal men in my life. I have a ton of respect for him and love him very much. 
  2. Hayden - I really started liking this name when my cousins named their first son, Hayden.
  3. Cedric - This is cheesy, but I love this name because of Harry Potter. When Cedric died, I cried for hours. 
Middle names? I don't know yet. We'd have to wait that one out. I've often thought about naming my second child Draco Malfoy Morrison, and by often, I mean once. 

Thanks to Ellen Benefield for suggesting today's topic. Visit her and Kyle's website, to help support their missionary work in Mazatlan, MX. 

Please suggest what I'll be writing about tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 35: Bob and Jean

I've mentioned before about a couple from The Vineyard Church in Urbana who are top notch people. I mean, they are the cream of the crop. The banana's sandwich! The cat's pajamas! They are none other than:

Bob and Jean!
They frequently open their home up to anyone and everyone. Bob is "retired," but he goes around doing construction, plumbing, and just about anything else to help people he knows. If you ever have a problem, he'll be over in his truck within the hour and take care of you or point you to who can take care of you.

Jean likes to cook for lots of people. She'll often have big holiday meals at her house for people who might not have much family in the area or are here alone.

They both are cheery people on the Welcome Team at the Vineyard, as well. Bob is always a happy face, greeting you at the door. Jean serves up donuts and bagels with a smile and a compliment. She's pretty darn sweet.

A while back, Jean threw a big birthday party for Bob! It was his eightieth birthday, so she went all out. She asked Joanna and I to sing for the party. We decided to sing a big of a song from each decade of his life. It was a blast had by all.

The 80s, held up by Jimmy B Wood.
They also had a photo booth set up. The booth was the old Welcome Center. Not really a small thing.

Family photo!
I do miss my Bob and Jean from Urbana. They were at treat. They probably also have a healthy sex life.

Thanks to Gabe for today's suggestion. What should I blog about tomorrow?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 34: A lesson you still haven't learned.

I know you might not believe it, but I have not learned that I should always try to pass stool before I leave the home. It's always a surprise to me when that "guh!" feeling lowers in my tummy.

At least I make it to the toilet more than not! At least...

Thanks to Mark James for suggesting today's topic! What's tomorrow's gonna be?